Hello my ajebos, today i will be sharing with you guys a very sensitive topic, Christmas! Christmas is a season of celebration, love, happiness, togetherness! it  is a season everyone looks forward to, a time to re-unite with family.

In Nigeria, especially if you are a father, you need to start preparing for this season if you don't want to be overwhelmed with tension. You will have to buy your children 'Christmas clothes' and 'Christmas shoes'. Trust our Market here in Nigeria, the rates at which the cost of these items in the market will increase will definitely shock you. So as a sharp guy, it is good to plan ahead!

A lot of wise men have been saving, infact, people have been saving since January just to make sure their family have a good time this Christmas. As a man, if you fail to deliver in this aspect then be ready for a real problem. Not only will your wife be unhappy with you, your children will not be happy too. They want to attend that father Christmas party they have been seeing on television. Or don't you want them to party with their mates, holding 'bisco' and throwing knockouts.

I remember when i was a child growing up, i anticipated Christmas like it was the coming of Jesus Christ. In fact, from September you can smell Christmas in the air! The Christmas colours (red, green) will flood the town. Everyone is decorating their shops, Christmas lights, Christmas hats, that song, jingle bells will fill the city. Another thing i really enjoyed was it is was the season to win "blon blon"(balloon) lool. It is a happy season, in class i will discuss with my friends, "hey, my daddy have bought my Christmas clothes and shoes, have your daddy bought yours"? God save your daddy if he hasn't bought yours. Hell will let loose if you haven't.

That is why they say to be a man is not a days job! September is always a trying month though, because schools resume in September, you will pay your children's school fees. Then the next headache will now be Christmas. A wise man will make sure he is adequately prepared so that he will not be embarrassed by his wife. You  know Nigerian wives like to compare, her neighbor is planning to kill goat to celebrate xmas, her friend is planning to kill 2 big fowl and it is just few days to the 'D-day', still no show, dear Mr husband, sorry will be your name.

Now i am going to tell you what you need to do to avoid all this shame and disrespect;

1. Save a lot of money for this season, avoid borrowing so that you wont be in debt in January.
2. Start shopping early, buy the necessary items on time before the price escalate. Items like children clothes and shoes, groundnut oil, tin tomatoes, bag of rice etc.
3. Know your priorities, know what to buy first and what to buy last. Your wife might put you under pressure but know exactly what to do. Don't be swayed by words, know your priorities.
4.Stay Stress free, ensure you take care of your health. Don't let your blood pressure to increase. Hypertension kills.
5.Save extra for after Christmas and new year. Life continues after yuletide. Ensure you don't run into huge debts, save extra and be determined not to compromise!


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