Its saddening to find out that all the #blackfriday frenzy is all fraud. Cheap scam...! I'm writing this because I'm more than disappointed.

I'm going to bare my mind, not going to spare any e-shop. With the way they hype and do their publicity you will be convinced they are real....
I'm going to share my experience on how at the end of the day I was unable to find any exciting deal.
What really triggered me to participate in this #blackfriday was the high percentage off I saw, some e-shops said "up to 70%" off while others said up to 90% off! Wow!!!
If you are reading this post and you are judging me that its longthroat that is worrying me, you better not be a Nigerian or else..
Generally Nigerians love free things so its only natural to fall for offers like this. I was ready to take this opportunity and get a good bargain ( well a good bargain to me means at least 50% off).
So I ventured into one of the most popular and biggest e-shop, they are my favorite and they always have good stuffs.
My eyes was just set on the percentage off tag...I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and I found nothing that I expected to make me shout eureka!
The deals I saw were not just it...I even noticed that on a normal day you will find these items cheaper and available!
By the time I was fed up I found out that I have spent 2 hours searching for something I didn't I find. So I said to myself okay why don't you try the other one.
So I went there sharply, and the scrolling continued... I scrolled n scrolled till I couldn't any more.
That was when it dawned on me that this was all a sham. I didn't find any deal, a real deal with 50% off.
I wanted to buy some thing at least half the price. But I figured that maybe Nigeria are not there yet...
My own is that these people should not promise what they know they can't deliver!


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