Today been the 25th of December 2015, we all know its Christmas day, all over the world. I'm sure even the little children all around knows that.

In fact, Christmas is even more for the children than for the adults.  I remember that when i was growing up, i looked forward to christmas much more than i do now, I don't know what has changed now, maybe maturity.

 This is because they (children) really have nothing to worry about. All they know is daddy is gonna buy Christmas clothes for them, daddy is gonna provide them with rice and chicken and most importantly, daddy is gonna take them to see father Christmas (Santa clause).... Lol.

Christmas is a beautiful season, its a time where families unite, Share gifts and share love. This particular season is one that is planned for, in fact, some people work all through the year so that they will have a wonderful Christmas. This is very common among people from the east(IBO's).

They make sure at the end of the year, they travel to their villages to celebrate. Its somewhat like a tradition for them.

Now back to the topic, the frenzy associated with this season, also called "Christmas fever" has a major toll on the bread winner of the family, the father of the house. He ensures that he provides the needs of his family.

If he doesn't plan this critical and sensitive season very well, he might end up in huge debt. Only wise men and prudent spenders successfully plan this yuletide. Majority of them end up borrowing money to ensure that he and his family have a swell time this season.

Then when January comes, they have no choice other than to repay the loan they had earlier taken. Most times the family would have to pay for the lavish spending they embarked upon in December. 
They will have to cut down their lifestyles in order to adjust to their current economic predicament.

So why not enjoy the Christmas season and parties according to the size of your pockets, you don't have to compare yourself to your neighbors or friends, or succumb to peer pressure or pressures from your wife. When you cut your cloth according to your size, you won't be faced with the January hassles that people often complain about.

Its all a matter of choice and knowing exactly you want for yourself and your family because when the hassles and crisis come around, friends that helped you to spend your money lavishly won't be there to help when you call.

Have a lovely yuletide season, with love from the entire team!


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