The present anticorruption campaign led by President Muhammadu buhari of Nigeria is ultimateley one of the best things that has happened to our dear country Nigeria in a long time. It has awakened a sense of consciousness amongst its citizens which had long be been dead, or moreso, delibreately killed and shut down in the masses by the previous administration. 

If you ask the average Nigerian if he knew about the state of corruption in his country, he will tell you he is aware, but he care less about it because there is virtually nothing he can do about it. But of a truth, that attitude is wrong and must change, we Nigerians must learn to show a bit more concern about the intricacies of its dear country, especially in the aspect of corruption and how our taxes are been utilized. We must strive to end this heartless corruption and looting of our leaders in order to have a brighter generation of our unborn.

Indeed our last president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was somewhat a good leader, a good man, but his quietness in the face of massive impunity and corruption in his administration was questionable. His decision to remain silent about the cases of corruption obviously made him an accomplice and an aide to the exploits of his aides and ministers. He was famously quoted as saying stealing is not corruption....that was a major blow to his reputation i must tell you. His administration was characterised and known to be a government where corruption thrived.

But now with an inspired PMB led anti corruption campaign, its now clear that it is no longer business as usual. He has triggered political office holders to fasten their seatbelts and has given each and everyone of them to think twice before doing any inappropriate thing or launder government funds. The consequences has been well sounded out and there are already some scapegoats.

It is somewhat strange, but indeed welcoming to see "top government officials" "untouchables" "big men" face corruption charges, excesses exposed, corrupt deals and all sorts. This was almost extinct in the last administration. So it a welcoming development and has given an iota of hope to the masses that has been praying for a time like this. I personally is very grateful to God that such a thing is happening in my time, in the life of our dear country.

Recently, a forner NSA Adviser, Dasuki Sambo has been undergoing a series of trials in the past weeks and of a truth it has really been interesting. Efforts made to make this trials a bit easy for the ex government has not been succcessful. It has glaringly shown the intents and commitments of this administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice president Osibanjo.

This rigorous trials has prompted the former NSA boss to expose a lot of misappropriations in the last administration. He has exposed how they shared money (even abacha's loots) among government officials, companies etc. Some of the people he mentioned their names have come out to openly debunk or clarify the situation. while some others have washed their hands off the case.

Well, its a good thing such athing is happening to Nigeria, it is a welcoming development and we hope we get to see more exposee and recover majority if not all of our nations looted funds that has been stolen from our country in one way or the other.


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