Now that harmattan is upon us, what must we do to survive this seemingly trying period...... Lol.

Well to many, its their best season of the year while to persons like me, its the worst! I really can't understand why people will enjoy this dry dusty and cold weather. But hey, different strokes for different folks....and one man's meat is another man's poison....hmmm.
The harmattan season has the good, bad and the has advantages and disadvantages..
One of the advantages of this weather is that when you wash your clothes and spread outside, before you even go back inside the house the clothes are already dried....hehehehe.. So you see, it means good business for those dry cleaners and laundry people.
Another advantage is that if you cook with firewood or you are a caterer, your life will be made easier... The woods will be dry and will burn it will save you the stress of blowing the fire and you getting a red smoked But hey you gotta be careful so you don't end up burning your must be alert and careful to regulate the fire.
Now those are one of the good, what about the bad? Well I'm speaking for myself, there are so many bad, also so many good too but like I said I'm speaking only my opinion, you can add yours at the end of this write up.
A major bad for me is the sleep aspect. The extremely cold mornings are of course       a good reason to continue your sleep, but by the time you remember that you have to be at work before 8:00am or risk having that your small salary you are earning to be reduced by that your Oga that is looking for any way possible for him to surcharge you, of course you will jump like patoranking and head to the bathroom.
The part 2 of the bad I hate so much is the actual bathing of cold water in this harmathan. Some of you will say no you must boil the water, hmmm, what if you are staying in my area where we only see light when Phcn Oga is in a good mood. Or if your late and boiling water with your stove/gas will amount to more time wasting? Omo na to baff the water like that o!
Then you will have to actually be your own motivational speaker and encourage your self to pour the water on your body. Na wa
Then for the ugly, I will share what happened to me last week. I had a wedding to attend, one of my guys was getting married and the dress code was white on white with a red fila. I'm sure you can already imagine the disaster. I felt really bad. By the time I returned, the white I wore was already.......*sobs*.
Another ugly, my kid sister is serving in abuja, and i can't keep count of the number of complaints she has made. One morning, I called her and asked how she was, she said she is just there, that she can't even smile in peace. I was like how do you mean? She said anytime she attempts to laugh or smile her lips will tear...I burst into laughter...but its not a joking sturvs.
How about our family members that are asthmatic, sickle celled, arthritis patients, they are going through really difficult challenges. We need to show extra care.
Also, it is also a season for cough and catarrh. We have to be extra careful, its not a season to sleep with fans or ACS. We must live healthy in order not to fall sick..remember its Christmas season, if you are sick, O.Y.O. (On your own).
So how do we survive this trying times, my advice is dress properly, cover up, its the season for you to make use of that hood jacket in your wardrobe.
Use lip gloss, Vaseline, balms...always have them handy.
Eat hot food, hot tea/coffee, and ensure to always stay hydrated.... Drink plenty water biko....
Thanks for reading


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