Long Long ago, the Nigerian Music Industry was not a place for non talented artists to showcase their gabbage. For you to be a music star, you have to be an exceptional talent and must have a very good music, adequate genre for you to rise to be a superstar.

I am talking about the days of the legendary Fela Anikulakpo kuti, blacky, daddy showkey, baba fryo, eedris, tony tetuila, our new school legend, tuface idibia etc. You obviously and certainly know that these guys were massively talented and have something to offer.

But nowadays in our country Nigeria, music has some what become a business enterprise if you ask me. An investor or a business man sets up a music or recording label, sign up a few artists, put them on contracts that might end up harming them later on in the future, and of course a very strong PR team!

Dont get me wrong, i am not saying this system is bad, no! infact it has gone a long way to sell and push the nigerian sound into the clouds. The progress of this era cannot be compared to the previous era i earlier mentioned. Those days they used to rate the nigerian movie industry ( i mean the now Nollywood) way higher than the music industry. But today the same cannot be said of the the Nigerian music industry. It success over the past few years have been well evident and glaring for all to see.

All these can very well be attributed to a rise and surge of the social media! The usage of the internet over the recent years has grown so to speak in a geometric progression and in a very amazingly fast speed.
Not only the music industry has experienced a massive growth, businesses too and anything thing that has something to do with the internet. Virtually everything can be done online with just a click away, ranging from online shopping, paying bills, etc.

So it is no doubt the the Nigerian music industry has been a major benefactor of the blooms of the social media. It is well deserved! like i said before, most start up record/music labels thrive and sell out their brands through effective PR and social media marketing.

Through social media takeover, they are able to make their brand a trending topic and reach millions of people all over. At the end of the day, they achieve their goal, make some money at the long run. All these are a product of effective social media marketing and PR. It has become imperative for Record Label Owners to ensure he blends his music noos with effective social media in order to achieve great success!

I hope this helps someone out there improve his business enterprise and never underate the power of social media marketing.

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