This phrase was one I never liked when I was growing up! How can the reward for doing so much work and then when i manage to achieve success, the reward I'll get will be more work?

It simply didn't go down well with me, sounds quite funny, why not reward me with my favorite meal or better still, a cash prize, or an award or a promotion? This phrase puzzled me and I did try to figure out the reason for such a statement.
I didn't understand quite well only until some few years ago when I started getting experience with life journeys.

You see, when you are given a task to do, or a project, you are required to meet a certain goal or target. There is a certain bar you are expected to meet and if possible, go beyond it!
One is considered a success if he reaches that bar, and is considered a greater success if he surpasses and break the set record laid out for him. Everyone like record breakers, this is why Guinness takes it time to honour and recognize record breakers!

Now, after breaking such records or attaining great success, what I thought when I was quite younger is you roll out the drums for me, sing my praises then give me a big bounty! Its cool to receive such, but you are often rewarded with even a greater task or work! Yes you would be rewarded no doubt but there isn't enough time to holiday, enjoy and savour the moment and glory. This is because another project or job is waiting for you.
No wonder the saying, the end of every race is the beginning of a new one!

I will share a few examples that we are very much conversant with here in Nigeria to explain this very well. My very first example is our immediate past President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (G.E.J).

We all know his story, he has been a very successful man all his life, far back in his school days, to when he became Governor, and then vice president and President of the federal republic of Nigeria.
Its amazingly beautiful to see how he was rewarded with even more work! And one thing about success is that it generates a bigger desire and passion to do more.

That's why people don't give up, there is always a continuous thirst for More. The rich keeps getting rich because of their undying desire to achieve more. Success begets success! Success is contagious, it intoxicates, really.

Another evident example is our present minister of power, works and housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola. Its no surprise that he was handed what we consider the most difficult and tasking ministry in Nigeria. But hey, the reward for hard work is even more work!.

I was not overly surprised of his appointment, I knew his portfolio was going to be massive, considering his remarkable success and achievements as governor of Lagos state. He magically transformed Lagos into what we have now, its no doubt that Lagos became extraordinary super under Fashola.

Now he is minister of power, works and housing! That's 3 ministries in one! Wow! we are very confident that our man will deliver! Uniben graduates always deliver! Lool.
With our power sector in serious crises, we believe Fashola is the right man to weather the storm! He will definitely emerge the best minister among his colleagues.

I won't be surprised if after he successfully delivers in his assigned ministry, he will be rewarded with another big work! I know you have guessed right, presidency will be the next job for him. So you heard me predict this first, loool.

So you can now agree with me that the reward for hard work is more work right? The examples are so many, with the likes of Adams oshiomole, Ngozi okonjo-iweala, Rotimi Amaechi etc...

You can add examples of your choice below and also how you were rewarded with more work when you achieved great success. So always strive to be outstanding in all you do and keep piling success upon Success!


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