Streetajebo will be doing a top ten chart of the musics featured on this platform from the inception of the music promotions.

Our free music promotion started in September 2015 and so far we have been able to feature a lot of songs on our website. We will be picking 10 songs from the lots we received, and these 10 songs will be picked on the basis of most downloaded and most reach.

They all did amazingly well, but certainly some songs performed better. This doesn’t mean that we are not taking into consideration the quality of the song, production quality and all. I am very proud to say all the song featured on were wonderfully produced and well mastered by wonderful producers in the industry ranging from mastercraft, Michael excel etc.

So we will pick the songs based on the performance, views and number of downloads, only songs that did extremely well will make the list. The list will be made available on December 30th 2015.

So stay tuned and keep a date with streetajebo to get our song of the year! 2015 has been amazing, but guess what, 2016 will be even better!


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