We are Consolidated Breweries Plc, Nigeria’s third largest brewing company and the producers of quality brands “33” Export Lager Beer, Turbo King Dark Ale, Williams Dark Ale, More Lager Beer, Hi-Malt and Maltex Non Alcoholic Malt Drinks. These brands have a wide distribution footprint and great consumer following across Nigeria.

Job position: Graduate Trainees

Job description

The  aim of the IGP  is to develop a pool of internationally minded individuals with the potential and capability to become leaders within HEINEKEN. Applicant, once on board will enjoy responsibility, development opportunities, training, coaching, travel and an environment that both stimulates intellectually and rewards high performance.

Every year Heineken employs graduates directly into different roles across our business and through graduate recruitment schemes in some of our local markets, whilst some of these programmes have an international element, we have a specific programme for those focused on a long term international career listed below:        
        * Commerce
        * Finance
        * Supply Chain
        * HR
        * Corporate Relations
        * IT

Desired Skills and Experience

♦A degree or will graduate by August 2016 (Preferably a Masters)
♦No more than 2 years of professional work experience in their chosen function (voluntary/internships don’t count)
♦At least 6 months gained abroad working, studying, or volunteering
♦Speaks at least two languages (preferably three) in business fluency, one of which must be English
♦A desire to live and work abroad
♦Proven leadership skills
♦Genuine interest in other countries and cultures
♦Able to demonstrate their drive and desire to succeed
♦Function specific requirements
♦Fit the HEINEKEN culture

    If applying to Finance, your degree needs to be in Finance, Economics, Business or a similar degree
    If applying for Marketing & Sales, your degree must be a MASTERS in business, economics, or commerce
    If applying for Procurement, your degree needs to be in business, financial, commercial, economic, or technical discipline

    If applying for Supply Chain, your degree needs to be in science or engineering.


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