Music giants, Spinlet, a digital media company focusing on African-centric content today engaged CBN superstar, Olayiwola Kokumo a.k.a. KOKER on a LIVE TWEET CHAT on twitter. He had been listed on #SpinletSoundOf2016 hotlist. 

Fans of the "Mr Do Something" crooner were given an exclusive opportunity to interact with Mr koker and ask him questions directly, using the hashtag  #AskKoker.

It was indeed an exciting moment for fans alike as they made use of this opportunity to know Mr koker better. During this chat with his fans, Mr koker revealed that his maiden album was 70% ready.

Below is the exclusive live tweet chat;

"@EmfocTobenna: How did you get signed to CBN @spinlet @IAM_KOKER #askkoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: @EmfocTobenna @spinlet I was featured on a song in 2013 eleto by Pryse.then I grew to become part of the family..story too much to type..

Q: On a scale of 0-10, how ready is your maiden album?

"@IAM_KOKER: The music is ready.. still working tho so i will say 70 percent ready #askkoker

"@hoipohoipo45: What is your real name @IAM_KOKER @spinlet  #askkoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: Ola  

"@NoLongerCrazy: @iam_koker @spinlet #AskKoker Wheat, Eba, Amala or Fufu? Choose one sir. Just in case I jam you for joint."

"@IAM_KOKER: Amala all day! Abeg you no get ogufe? #askkoker  

"@NoLongerCrazy: @iam_koker @spinlet #AskKoker M.I and Jesse Jagz support @Arsenal football club. Which do you support? Dice Ailes and Milli nko? "

"@IAM_KOKER: Not really a football fan ,weird I know LOOL 

"@spinlet: . @IAM_KOKER @NoLongerCrazy @Arsenal Whoaaaa so what do u watch on the jweekends? #AskKoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: Lool if I am not performing at a wedding I am making music 

"@Chrizy_curtis: @IAM_KOKER @spinlet Your favorite CBN member #askkoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: Gat love for everyone on my team ! #askkoker  

"@NoLongerCrazy: @IAM_KOKER @spinlet #AskKoker Saw ur hilarious rendition of Do Something if u were Bez. Couldn't stop laughing. Are the house funny guy?"

"@IAM_KOKER: Lol.. Sometimes #askkoker  

"@iamkeezzy: @IAM_KOKER @spinlet When will you pay visit to your hummies in Gowon estate? #Askkoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: I was there weeks ago ! Miss the hood #askkoker 

"@EmfocTobenna: Describe CBN in 1 word @spinlet @IAM_KOKER #askkoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: Greatness

"@ASKamara: @spinlet @IAM_KOKER What is your dream collabo? #askkoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: Doing a hook for jay-z won't be bad!  #askkoker  

"@iam_jvdee: @IAM_KOKER how do someone gets u featured on his song #askkoker @spinlet"

"@IAM_KOKER: I am open for collaborations .. Contact on my bio  

"@KVNGNISSI: @IAM_KOKER abeg will you give us album soon? #AskKoker"

"@IAM_KOKER: Abeg can we leak it already cc @Audu @MI_Abaga  #askkoker  

"@spinlet: #AskKoker is a wrap! Big ups 2 @IAM_KOKER 4 hangin' out with us! Mad fun no lie! Congrats again on makin d #SpinletSoundOf2016 hotlist!"

I hope you enjoyed your the live was really an interesting time with Mr koker!

Big ups to Spinlet for making this exclusive live chat possible.


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