For some days now, one of the hottest gist in town was that Maima, girlfriend of famous Nigerian rapper, ICEPRINCE, was cheating with one married man called akin.

The gist has been trending, however, ICEPRINCE defended his lover, saying she is not guilty of all the allegations.

His public defence of his girlfriend, maima, has drawn both positive and negative reactions. Many criticised his decision to defend her while others praised him for his actions.

Today, his fellow artist, YQ, gave him a public salute for choosing to defend his girlfriend despite all allegations levelled against her.

He tweeted,

"@iam_YQ: Defend your loved ones . We r all human, we all have flaws,pasts and make mistakes . The only perfect ONE is God !! Salute 2 #IcePrince"

"@iam_YQ: Those without a sin should cast the first stone - search the Holy book"

"@iam_YQ: They criticize the one that's fighting for his loved one and forget the ones that's molesting the ladies/women . Crazy world"

Well I must commend YQ for supporting his friend ICEPRINCE at a time like this..he is really a true friend.


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