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Job position: ATM Custodian

Job Description

Customer Channels

Job Purpose

Business requirement

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Asset Custodianship

    Ensure that laid-down instructions for handling and movement of treasury cash to and from tellers SBV are adhered to
    Ensure that current stock of blank forms received is recorded and signed for according to laid-down procedures
    Ensure that record keeping is carried out according to laid-down instructions for treasury cash, blank forms and safe custody items
    Ensure that swept deposits are correctly handled appropriately
    Ensure that all irregular items have been actioned before the end of the day

Monitoring of cash holdings

    Ensure that cash does not exceed prescribed limits
    Ensure that sufficient cash levels are maintained to meet normal customer requirements

ATM Up-time

    Ensure that Auto Bank and Auto Cash terminals are always adequately stoked with cash and stationery
    Maintain close liaison with Auto Bank Control Centre to ensure that equipment problems are dealt with promptly
    Ensure that potential faults that could cause equipment to malfunction are identified and resolved on time
    Ensure that all ATM terminals are kept clean and maintained in good condition

ATM Cash

    Control ATM cash according to laid-down instructions
    Balance cash at the required intervals
    Report and action differences in ATM cash promptly
    Ensure that ATM cash is safeguarded against unnecessary and preventable loss.


    Action ATM reports as listed on the Duty List promptly
    Reconcile ATM cash daily
    Action Care Suspects accurately and on time, resulting in reduced operating losses
    Planning is generally on a daily to weekly basis within regular activity cycles

Preferred Qualification and Experience

    Minimum 2.2 from University
    1-3 years experience

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

    Ability to attend to customer queries timeously is required
    Sound recall of procedures and previous experiences, in order to recognize the appropriate solution to each situation
    Resourceful, finding practical ways to efficiently deal with voluminous workloads, and remain focused on priority issues


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