Anavara is a customer centric Medical Tourism facilitation company. A global operation with local footprint, we strive to understand the customer’s requirement fully, provide a platform for connecting the customer to the hospital and doctor,

 and engage in extending all facilities to the customer in undertaking the journey to alleviate his/her condition. Anavara has marketing offices in NIgeria, Cambodia, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh. Anavara  provides access to medical treatment in the UAE, India, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.

Customer Sales Executive

Location: Lagos

Job description

    Identify and follow up new clients through social media, advertisement, Insurance companies, HR of large organisations, hospitals and doctors directly
    Achieve sales operational objectives by contributing sales information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews
    Prepare and complete action plans; implement quality, and customer-service standard
    Meet sales financial objectives by forecasting requirements.


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  1. The facilities of medical tourism include a wide spectrum of medical and surgical procedures conducted by highly skilled healthcare professionals who are trained in various specialized disciplines.