Is this creativity, joke or ingenuity? Students in Paul Pogba's home country France were asked to solve a maths question with Paul Pogba's famous "dab" the problem.

Pogba may not be France’s biggest player at
the moment – that award goes to Griezmann – but the Man United ace is the country’s most famous footballer at the moment. Sorry, Antoine.

His return to Old Trafford propelled his fame to even higher levels, not that he was an unknown during his successful spell with Juventus. There is so much media hype surrounding him, that even a miss from the 23-year-old makes the news nowadays.

Hogging up the media is one thing, though;
making an appearance in the academic sector is another. According to a tweet made by Four Four Tweet, Pogba’s iconic goal celebration – the dab – was part of a maths exam question in France.

The question read: “Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous fPaul Pogba's dab. He therefore tries to demonstrate that it is not perfect.

According to the publication, 'The universal declaration of the rights of the dab' (DUDDDD), a dab is perfect if -- and only if -- the triangles represented on the figure above are rectangular.

Is Paul Pogba's dab perfect? Do not forget to produce the demonstrations.”
A sneaky dig at Cristiano Ronaldo was inevitable, as the three-time Ballon d’Or winner is another famous name in the beautiful game with an iconic
celebration; one that might rival Pogba’s.

However, the origin of this reported exam remains unknown, other than it being from France.

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