Just the way arsene Wenger of arsenal football club was famously called a "specialist in failure" by his opposite number, Jose mourinho, the phrase "specialist in betrayal" is well fitted for Dr. Olusegun Mimiko.

If and when the story of the politics of Ondo State is written, one man who would definitely occupy a pride of place for reasons most controversial is the incumbent and outgoing governor, Olusegun Mimiko.

The medical doctor turned politician simply imbibed the idea that there are no permanent friends in politics and used same to use and dump virtually all that helped him in the political ladder in Ondo state.

Unknown to many who saw him.coming to Abuja weeks ago, before the Ondo gubernatorial elections, Mimiko.was simply coming around to negotiate a soft landing fr himself by agreeing to allow his own candidate and the candidate of his party to fail in the elections.

He was alleged to have agreed to make the elections smooth for APC on the condition that Akeredolu, the APC candidate will give him blanket cover and not probe him.This, the presidency agreed to and it smoothen the way.

NGOs and the people on ground corroborated the fact that Ondo State election was influenced by money. Mimiko simply refused to support his candidate at the last minute rather than match APC naira for naira.

Voters were said to have gotten five hundred naira each to vote for APC earlier in the day and those who came later got one thousand naira while those who came quite late got two thousand Naira each for a vote. NGOs as well as even security agencies saw this and there were recordings of this taking place.

PDP men simply fizzled out.

In the beginning, it was Mimiko and the late Adefarati who gave the medical doctor turned politician a break. After Adefarati's first term, Mimiko led a revolt. He wanted to be governor. This was despite all that Adefarati gave him by giving him a free hand over how his budget was spent. He used the opportunity t build a war chest and turned it on the then governor. At the.end of the day, he dumped Adefarati and joined Agagu. Agagu won and made.him SSG. When it was time for Agagu to seek re-election, he told Agagu he wanted to contest. Agagu told him to wait Mimiko was not ready to wait. He moved away from PDP and moved to Labour Party.

Lest we forget, Obasanjo had made him a minister in the PDP government then, with the hope of keeping him in PDP. This was not to be. He dumped PDP, Agagu and OBJ.

Elections took place and Agagu won. He went court. Mimiko did not have money to pay lawyers. He had expended everything he had. He ran to Tinubu who offered to help him since it was a battle against PDP. Tinubu financed the case in court till MIMIKO won at the Supreme Court. Then payback time came, the governor turned his back on Tinubu.

Tinubu was so muffed that he can to Ondo State with the anger of an investor who lost all. He mounted rostrum in Ondo and poured invectives on Mimiko as an ingrate. The next day, the Ondo media swooped on Tinubu for.coming to rip where he never sowed. Very few bothered to know till date what was the agreement Mimiko had with Tinubu.

The anti- Lagos vote was strong and got Mimiko a second term against Akeredolu.

Now Mimiko is leaving office. APC is in power and they are desperate. The Buhari boys are desperate to outwit Tinubu and establish a strong foothold in the Southwest and they need allies like Mimiko who can give them votes.

If tomorrow he dumps PDP, remember you read it here first. He had left as far back as weeks ago before the gubernatorial elections took place. It is only his body that is still there.

Sadly, the Mimiko story is typical of many of Nigerian politicians today, only that his transcends so many era.

Source : Abuja reporters


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