A South African businessman has been forced to resign as CEO of his company after a racist rant on Facebook over the weekend.

Pieter Hattingh, the erstwhile CEO of Hattech, made denigrating comments in a Facebook post about a farm attack.

He commented: "Voken Kaffers!!!!!"

Speaking to News24 on Tuesday, Hattingh said that he was an idiot.

"It was a stupid of me to say and I was wrong and I am very remorseful.  I was an idiot. I feel super stupid about this. I resigned this morning and my life is gone. I am not a racist," he said.

"There was a farm... [attack] where two old people were badly injured and I don’t know what I was thinking," he added.

His brother, Louis Hattingh, a listed director of Hattech, said that the business did not share the former CEO’s ideas on race relations.

"From a business perspective, we do not condone those comments. We have requested that he resign as CEO and he did so this morning."


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