Former Imo state governor, ikedi ohakim hosted about 40 Facebook friends in a meet and greet session at his residence.

The ex governor was excited about event and recounted moments he had with his friends from Facebook. Below is his Facebook post about the event and more photos...

"I came home briefly for a function yesterday and this morning before I left Imo State, I played host to over 40 of my Facebook friends who came at different times to meet with me.

I know I'm supposed to meet more of you after we chatted and agreed to meet but bear with me because my time was very limited and I could not divide myself into many places to meet with everybody.

However, one of my visitors today was a member of the 10,000 jobs program. Sacked from his job, this young man decided to learn how to make clothes and by God's grace one day soon, his name will definitely be a brand to reckon with in the fashion industry.

 I made a decision to support him and I'll be dressing in clothes made by this young man henceforth. I love young men and women who endeavor to develop themselves even when government is unfriendly to them and whenever I can, I'll support them. Another young man also told me about his business idea and wanted my advice on some areas which I gave and in whatever way I can assist, I'll be sure to help out.

My support cannot always be monetary because nobody can finance all the business
ideas of our youths.

Sometimes business advice from professionals can go a long way towards ensuring success. Never lose hope even when things seem very difficult for you. Never give up.

God always has a better plan for all of us and as I'll always say, there is a bright light at the end of every dark tunnel. Have a blessed new week ahead and may Chukwu okike continue to bless you all"

A very humble man we have here, his facebook friends had moments of their life...


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