When you hear the name "Indimi" many things should come to mind. One of it is that they own Oriental Energy, an oil and gas company founded in 1990 and still running strong today.

As Ahmed Indimi, son of Muhammadu Indimi walked down the aisle with Zahra Buhari on December 16, they automatically became in-laws to the current president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

Call it fate or well executed plan, the Indimi's are a family with a clear vision. The same family are in-laws to the former president Gen Ibrahim Babaginda and now the current president. A clear definition of the popular phrase, Money and power.

Its been only few hours since they became the in-laws of the president but how much is this family really worth?

Muhammadu is the chairman of Oriental Energy and is currently worth $670M, with the black market exchange rate that's billions in naira.

Clearly you can never underestimate the mix of money and power, its how the rules of the world are shaped.


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