Today's Google Doodle reflects Sandford Flemming's legacy on the 190th anniversary of his birth.

A Canadian engineer of Scottish birth, Sandford was a prolific designer who was knighted for his accomplishments by Queen Victoria in 1897.

He was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, in 1827, a period when regions used solar time to set their own clocks.

He presented the idea of a worldwide standard time at a meeting of the Royal Canadian Institute (RCI)on February, 8, 1879.

Sandford advocated for dividing the world into 24 time zones beginning at the Greenwich Meridian and spaced at 15 degree intervals. It followed the introduction of Greenwich Mean Time across Great Britain in 1847.

He founded the RCI in 1849, an organisation which grew into a world renowned centre dedicated to the advancement of science.

He was also known for helping build the Intercontinental Railway, serving as chief engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and designing Canada's first postage stamp.


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