Fans and friends of PJ show now have the opportunity to get the official lyrics of PJ show's hit song "IWO".

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PJ Show – IWO lyrics

I no get money,
But I go buy you everything wey you need,
Baby baby, honey honey, me go love you, Ohhnahnah PJ Show!!!

Love you baby girl,
You dey drive me go insane,
Time no dey girl,
Me I fit to run your race,
Ohh nah Nahnah nah nah, ohh nah Nahnah nah nah , Ohh nah Nahnah nah nah, Ohh nah nah nah nah X2

Verse 1
Hello Pretty lady ,
Me I gbadun your body,
The way you move that body,
Makes me wanna call you darling,
Girl you too hot,
And you too much,
Me go love youh,
Till the end uhh uhh.
Take my body, take my soul,
You be my honey, me be your own,
No mind enemies make we dey bone
Found my Jully, me your Romeo,
Dancey kedike Dikeke ah,
Edike dikeke yeba,
Edike dikeke ah
Edike dikeke now.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Now that I found you,
Nothing go make me leave you,
Even though no money,
Baby no do Conny,
Ojukan lada n ni,
Shake it shake it shake it,
Baby baby baby,
Will you be my wify,
And I’ll be your hobby,
Yey Yey Yey Yey ,
Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh,
Where my daddies at,
Where’s my mummies at,
Make we do this now ah,
Let’s Just Dance it now.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Chorus in a soft manner

Repeat chorus till fade



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