Shortly after the evening diary session, housemates had a kissing festival at the jacuzzi that saw new fake housemate jon kiss tboss again, efe kiss ESE, Jon kiss uriel, and many more.

During the Diary Sessions, all the Housemates displayed high levels of excitements when the topic of the kissing festival was brought up by Biggie.

It seemed the Housemates enjoyed the first kissing festival so much, they thought it would be a good way to celebrate valentine’s day with another session of the festival.

The Tasks of the day had kept the Housemates fully occupied as they all seemed to chorus in one voice that they didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their chances of winning their wager, as they had wagered 100% of their weekly BBNaira allowances.

With the poetry Task concluded, the Housemates clustered back into their groups to continue discussing their Make Noise Task which is due on Thursday, until they realized Biggie had snuck in a surprise package into the Store room for them, some dutch courage.

With the ladies gathered outside in the Jacuzzi, the guys headed outside and before they could all jump in, ThinTallTony and Bisola kicked off the festivals by sharing the first kiss of the night.

Soon enough, everybody joined in and the ritual was, the guy selects two female Housemates to kiss, each kiss laasting for 10 seconds.

New Housemates Jon and Ese were not exempt from the festivities as they were also pulled into the lip locking festival, with the other Housemates cheering them on.

The kissing festivities was cut short when Big Brother summoned Head of House (HoH) Ese into the Diary Room, but not before all the Housemates had taken turns at kissing.

There were a few random kisses, but there were a few lingering ones that promised some sort of continuity in the not so distant future; most notably was Bassey and Debbie-Rise.

Download video of the valentines day kissing festival at the jacuzzi below


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