Kenyan Gospel singer Eunice Njeri shut down the internet this morning when she announced that she has ended her marriage with fellow musician Izzo raps just hours after saying “I DO”.

In a very long post on social media, Eunice Njeri explained that she didn’t even get to sign the documents. She said;

“I realized one thing, I couldn't do it my heart was somewhere else,” she said in the post that has shocked Kenyans.

Her husband Isaac Bukasa hasn’t officially reacted to the announcement yet, maybe he will very soon.

But out of curiosity what is the last thing izzo raps shared about Eunice Njeri on social media?

He shared a very lovely message showing his love for the sensational singer, see it below:

“Only God knows how much this woman means to me,” he said in the post. “The best thing that happened to me this year. Oh, please don't tell her.”

The post was written after the wedding which was held on November 27, 2016.

Eunice Njeri has deleted all the post on Instagram linked to him. Izzo on the hand still has several.

This leaves us wondering what the real reason for this shocking break up could be...

Hopefully we will find out as things unfold, stay tuned and keep it locked down here...


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