Strange things are happening, a heartbreaking news just broke that a Nigerian Banker named Bode Akinsanya who works with FCMB has just lost his live because he was using the torch light from mobile phone while trying to fix his generator.

According to Social Media user, Princess Lomo;

"The guy above, Bode Akinsanya was a staff of FCMB Ogba Branch, he passed on yesterday as a result of burnt suffered why operating his generator with his phone touch. Please never operate a gen set with phone touch. Educate all your friends and family please."

Whatever may be the cause of this explosion, please and please do not even try to operate your generator set while working on your generator.

Remember that using your phone while in the petrol/gas station is prohibited so same principle might also apply in this case,

Prevention is better than cure. A word is enough for the wise.


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