Biafran Agitator and leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has again broken one of the conditions of his bail, Nnamdi Kanu addressed a religious Shabbat in the presence of a large crowd including his parents and family members.

Some of the conditions of his bail was that he was never to be seen in a crowd of more than 10 people and must not address the public/hold a press conference.

These conditions have been broken by Nnamdi Kanu over and over again, which means that a reaction from the Federal Government of Nigeria is close.

The Federal High court ruling of Justice Binta Nyarko had earlier stated that Nnamdi Kanu's bail will be revoked instantly should he disobey or break the bail conditions set out to him, one of which is not to be in ANY  gathering of more than 10 people.

In the video below, Nnamdi Kanu insist that Biafra is one family and will refuse any form of challenge from the federal government.

Nnamdi Kanu said that Biafra is imminent in the next few months and not years.

Nnamdi Kanu also said that Biafra is unstoppable because they have both intelligence and history on their side.

Nnamdi Kanu said that on the 30th of may they were going to shut things down and prepare for their referendum.

Nnamdi Kanu said that if the federal government fails to set a date for a referendum there will be no elections in biafra land forever and ever.

Nnamdi Kanu says that it is Biafra or death! and that he was born to restore biafra.

download video of Nnamdi Kanu saying that there will be no election in biafra land if Federal Government refuse to set a date for referendum below


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