Finally, WWE Payback 2017 results are out, Chris jericho beats Kevin Owens to win the United states championship with a pinfall victory while Bray Watts beat Randy Orton also by pinfall to win the House of Horrors WWE championsip match.

Kevin Owens tried to play mind games early on bailing out, but Jericho followed the champion and brought the fight to the Kevin Owens. 

Kevin Owens though soon took over and connected with a cannon ball. Jericho then had the flying elbow early and a Lionsault had Owens reeling. 

Kevin Owens then got the super-kick in and had Jericho in position for the pop-up power bomb but Jericho held on to the ropes.

 Another powe rbomb attempt was reversed in to a reverse Frankensteiner. Jericho got the Walls of Jericho but Owens broke the hold with a finger on the ropes. 

Chris Jericho though went after Owens'finger and stomped it hard. Jericho them put Owens' hand between the steps and the ring and then kicked the steps.

 Owens' asks referee check on him luring JEricho in and after a poke in the eye Owne's hit him with a super-kick but could not get Jericho up for the powerbomb because of the finger. 

Chris Jericho took advantage and another Walls of Jericho helped Jericho become the United States Champions again. With this victory, Jericho will now move to Smackdown Live.

With injured ribs, separated shoulder and internal injuries Big Dog Roman Reigns made his way for another main event this time with Braun Strowman and it did not take him much time for him to take on Strowman and with a flurry of punches he had the Monster Among Men out of the ring. 

Strowman though picked Reigns easily countering the drive-by and then chokeslamed the Big Dog on to the table. Strowman punished Reigns further with repeated knee strikes but Reigns got enough space and movement to deliver a superman punch but Strowman had it well scouted and caught Reigns, but Reigns escaped and picked Strowman up for a Samoan Drop. 

Strowman still wasn't down but a cactus clothesline had both men down. Reigns tried to get the momentum with a spear but failed. 

Storwman then got himself acquainted with the ring post on the outside and he looked dazed, Strowman was back up by the count of nine but Reigns connected with a drive-by. Reigns set up for a spear and he hit it, but Strowman kicked out.

 Two superman punches and Strowman was down to only one knee but he picked up Reigns and after two running powerslams, it was victory for Braun Strowman.

Back to the WWE championship match Wyatt makes his way to the ring but waiting there is Randy Orton with a chair and it seems Randy Orton would take the victory after DDT off the table on Wyatt before the Singh brothers interfere. 

Randy Orton puts them aside, but Wyatt wakes up and sets Randy Orton for Sister Abigail. 

Randy Orton blocked and then hit the RKO only to be interrupted by Jinder Mahal who took a cheap shot on Randy Orton's neck with the WWE title. Wyatt hits Randy Orton with Sister Abigail for the three count and Mahal leaves with the WWE title once again


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