Download Power season 4 episode 6 'a new man' for free below. Ghost and Kanan finally come face to face for the first time since the former left the latter for dead in a burning building in the Season 2 finale.

There are guns. There are threats. There are pleas for mercy, stacks of cash and collateral damage. And the whole thing ends with the death of a major character.

In the kitchen, Ghost tells Tasha he wants to “put the past in the past.”

She’s not inclined to agree; when he swears that he’s done with Angela, Tasha points out that the Assistant United States Attorney blew up her entire career just to make sure he went free, so maybe not?

Ghost isn’t at a newly reopened Truth for more than a few minutes before Simon waltzes in, ready to collect on the debt that Ghost has no idea Tasha agreed to.

Of course, the slippery older man says, all financial obligations will be forgiven if Ghost agrees to partner with him on a real estate venture.

 Translation: Simon needs someone of color to be the public face of the business, in order to get some breaks and such.

 Later, Ghost is angry about Tasha’s deal, but she has no remorse.

“Coming from the man who does whatever the f–k he wants without consulting anybody!” she counters, suggesting that Ghost turn around the situation and use Simon to his advantage, as well.

Download Power season 4 episode 6 'a new man' for free below.


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  1. This season is more interesting the previous season and I never missed a single episode of this season. The story of this season is so interesting and going so well with superior papers us. Every actor plays their important role in this season which makes this season so well.

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