Download Salvation season 1 episode 2 for free below. Darius and Liam need to invent a theoretically impossible piece of technology to divert the asteroid.

Grace risks everything to help Darius, while Liam heads home to Boston to track down critical research, but he finds something shocking instead.

Grace celebrated a birthday. However, this year there was only one thing that Grace wished for and that was to somehow stop the asteroid intent on hitting earth. So Grace wasn’t excited or even as happy as she usually was to get a cupcake from her daughter this year because she didn’t if they would be a next year yet Grace was putting her money on tech billionaire Darius Tanz.

 She had asked if not dared him to find a way to save the human race and he had come up with a grand plan that required a lot of money as well as a lot of uranium.

Yet, Darius had only asked the DOJ for the money. He said that he would need two billion dollars to start building an EM Drive which was best described as an electromagnetic rocket.

 So Darius had wanted to build one of those and then use it to throw the asteroid off its course. And so someone pointed out that Newton’s Laws had ruled out an EM Drive ever working.

 Except Darius said that all laws were meant to broken like Newton had broken Aristotle’s so he asked the DOJ to just let him build the damn thing and they agreed to giving some of what he asked for.

Download Salvation season 1 episode 2 'Another trip around the sun' s1e02 for free below...


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