Download Suits season 7 episode 2 for free below. Gina Torres returned as the fan-favorite character, and it helped advance Harvey's plot in an exciting way.

He wants to be the one to call the shots at the firm, but change is not something that suits him. He's a character who struggles to deal with change, and that always seems to be his undoing.

Despite the flashbacks showing Jessica making big moves instantly, I found it out of character for Harvey to try the same thing. Jessica wanted to make sure Harvey was genuinely ready to call the shots.

Tearing down her statue, so to speak, was like saying goodbye to her legacy, and she struggled with that.

My favorite moment was when the pair made up, and Jessica told Harvey to get his feet off her table. Even from a different state, she's still funny as hell.

Download Suits season 7 episode 2 for free below...


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