Download Game of thrones season 7 episode 6 for free below. The episode begins with Jon Snow and his posse heading out beyond the wall, on their mission to capture a wight—does anyone else think there has to be a less risky option to convince the queens?

Well, it doesn’t matter now, anyway. On their travels, they encounter an ice bear that nearly ravages Thoros of Myr, but somehow, he manages to press on with the mission after his squad defeats the bear.

The group eventually comes across a manageable number of wights and white walkers, and they strategically pounce.

They put up a fair fight, but as soon as Jon Snow strikes the white walker with his dragon glass weapon, the rest of the beastly wights fall to the ground.

This leads the group, and viewers to believe that once a white walker dies, all of the undead soldiers they’ve created will die as well.

The last remaining wight lets out a few howling screams as they capture him, to which the entire army responds to.

Download Game of thrones season 7 episode 6 for free below


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  1. pls i can't see the download link of Game of throne episode 6

    1. Hi, sorrry about that, the link has been fixed