Download game of thrones season 7 episode 4 'the spoils of war' for free below. Like many episodes of Game of Thrones, 'The Spoils of War' begins fairly sedately, catching up with most of the main players for a spell, before moving into an action-heavy climax in the hour's back half.

Although, this wasn't even an hour – it was, in fact, the shortest episode in Game of Thrones history.

But it's unlikely anyone will be left feeling short-changed, as this was an instalment that provided a sequence fans have been waiting to see realised since the moment Dany's dragons hatched back in season one.

And for book readers, it presented a picture they've been imagining only in their mind's eye for decades. And good lord, it did not disappoint.

Before the chaos, though, the episode spends a lot of time at Winterfell, as Arya Stark finally returns home and reunites with her lost siblings.

Where last week's reunion between Bran and Sansa was emotional (if only on Sansa's part), with an appropriately stirring score behind it, Arya and Sansa's reunion is played very differently.

There is no music, and there are no tears. The meeting between the sisters is distinctly un-melodramatic; an indication of how mature the two have become. Two little girls – one spirited, one spoiled – have been moulded by years of plight into two very strong young women.

They're both different, in very different ways, but they're still undeniably sisters, and seeing that bond standing firm after everything they've been through was very satisfying.

Download game of thrones season 7 episode 4 'the spoils of war' for free below.


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