So there's this Nigerian Babe, though based in London that have had a lot of guys drooling on social media lately, Her name is OluwaLinda.

OluwaLinda is a singer, song writer, back-up vocalist with a banging body. She is pretty faced with a huge or should i say heavy attack! lol.

Not only is Oluwalinda a very promising talent [she has some songs on soundcloud], she is also an entrepreneur. OluwaLinda is the Founder of The Food Critiks and also the CEO of Crochet by Olu, a hair store and salon.

You can book an appointment with Crochet by Olu by visiting CrochetByOlu for all your hair needs or enquiries. You can also send an email to

I know you all are waiting for her social media handles so that you can quickly go follow her, her Instagram handle is @Oluwalinda while her Twitter handle is @Oluwalinda_

See more photos of OluwaLinda below...

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