Download Power season 4 episode 10 'you can't fix this' for free below.

Considering how incredibly satisfying this season has been, was anyone else a little disappointed in the finale?

Were there satisfying deaths? Sure. Was their treachery and deceit? Of course. But Power Season 4 Episode 10 didn't give me that edge of the seat feeling that I've come to expect from this show.

Instead, we had an hour that while fulfilling in some respects seemed rushed and almost a little forced.

Things picked up right after Raina's murder, and we really weren't given much time to see anyone grieve because that's just not what this episode was about.

From the minute he pulled into their parking lot after being at the police station all night, the only thing on Ghost's mind was finding Raina's killer.

I want justice for Raina, naturally, but I also wanted to see the raw emotions of a family dealing with the loss of a loved one.

We never really got that, save for a brief scene of Ghost going through Raina's possessions and Tommy's confessional.

Maybe they're saving that for next season. I really hope they are because it would be such a waste not to allow these characters to really experience the emotions that come with the life they've chosen to lead.

Death means nothing to most of these people, but when it affects your flesh and blood, that's a different story.

At first, Ghost and Tommy blamed the Jiminez, and I thought for sure this was going to turn into a full-scale war against the powerful cartel and set us up for season five. But I was wrong.

While on the hunt to get justice for Raina, we got justice for Julio! Ghost killed Julio's killer after he cleared Jiminez in Raina's murder and confessed to killing Julio per Dre's request.

Download Power season 4 episode 10 'you can't fix this' for free below.


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