After ghosting into thin air, after the release of "He Grew Too Fast" in March 2017, Stemah Dosh is back with two hit songs, "Little Body" & "Kicked Off" .

Little body is a dope party jam and Kicked off is about the story of dead woman leaving her children and family behind. Dope sound with some Drake and Kendrick Lamar  vibes in it...mad jamm!!!

The beauty of the song is the ability of Stemah Dosh to break down every scene of the ladies pain and summarize it on a 2:49 minutes song.

As he said earlier when his first track "Imagination" was released, his focus is to give, Nigeria & Africa a different and unique style of hip-hop.

Download Stemah Dosh new song 'Kicked Off' for free exclusively on Street Ajebo for free below


Please enjoy and tweet at him your thoughts @stemah_dosh
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