Hello my dear readers, Today I will be sharing with you all very unique tips and secrets I have been using in my years of Blogging since 2015.

Often times especially in this country, most successful bloggers tends to hide and keep the secrets to their success in Blogging, they would rather tell you irrelevant tales and stories than tell you the tools and sites they employed in achieving their Success but today I will be revealing all the secrets, tools and best SEO agency Jakarta to use to make it big time in Blogging.

As a young and aspiring blogger, the first thing you should do is to create unique and mind blowing contents. Your blog/product must stand out tall if indeed you want to be really successful because there are so many people in this business and a lot of new comers enter into it every day.

So first, you must have good content. It's just like a market or shop, assuming you are selling food, you must make sure that your food tastes so good that when a customer patronizes you for the first time there must be a compelling reason for him to revisit your shop. So you must sell mind-blowing and tasteful food in order to be successful.

Even if you are having problems making good content or unable to make the necessary brand awareness, you can contact some very good seo agency to help you create unique contents and help you with the necessary brand awareness and marketing to help you succeed.

Secondly, you must monetize your content. Even after you monetize your work/content you still will not achieve great success until you make use of the right strategies to attract your desired audience and listeners. That is where SEO comes in. SEO is the most powerful tool in this industry. Most people will tell you that Content is King, I agree, but without the right SEO or best SEO agency NOBODY will find your brand or Business.

Like you all know, when Street Ajebo Blog first started in 2015, we focused on music promotions and our main targets then was the upcoming musicians because they faced and still face the challenge of uploading their music on most music portals. These big music portals will charge these young artists a huge fee to upload their songs because they were upcoming.

So the Vision of Street Ajebo Blog was to promote these upcoming artists, upload their songs and music for free! Today majority of the artists we promoted in the our first year are all big musicians today. This is because we provided the platform for them to showcase their music to the whole world for free.

So what we did was to focus our SEO on music promotion, using the right keywords, key phrases and made use of the best seo agency to achieve our goals.

So in summary SEO is the key to achieving success and meeting your desired audience, if not you will just feeding your contents to ghosts and no one will find your brand or business on google or the map.

With this tips I have shared you will be able to achieve great success by making SEO your best friend. In subsequent posts I will be sharing more details on what to do as a beginner in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


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