Hello folks, Happy new month to you all. Today I will be sharing with you all my new cooking experience as well as what it feels like to be living alone.

As a young man living alone, you get to eat all kinds of foods. Some of which you cook by yourself and in order to get great taste and a reliable formula, you get to try all kinds of Spice Broth until you get your favorite.

For me, cooking has always been a thing for me. For those who know me well, they can testify to these facts. At a time, it was a tool to get girls...this was back in the university though. A lot of girls love guys that can cook and once they get to know that you can cook, BAM BAM!!!

One disadvantage was that you get to cook for alot of hungry people, with your own money and food stuffs. So back to my experience I want to share, it happened quite recently. As usual I wanted to cook a wonderful and spicy delicacy, I wanted to try something new so I decided to get a new spice broth to bring out the flavours of my new soup!

After buying my soup ingredients and items required for my local soup, I decided to go shopping for a new seasoning and spice broth, that was when I met this very beautiful lady. I think she also came to buy some cooking ingredients at Alhaja's shop (my customer).

In my mind I was like wow this girl is fine as I approached towards her and surprisingly I noticed she was all smiles and couldn't hide her emotions. It was quite obvious that she already feeling my swags, even Alhaja noticed and had to clear her throat hard to break the daydream she was having.

I smiled and said Hello to her and she responded graciously. Alhaja then chipped in to say that she has found a wife for me so that I would not be frequent in the market as often as I did. I already knew the direction she was heading so I quickly replied her, "Alhaja, please oh who is the iyawo (wife) you have found for me?"

She responded, "This fine girl", pointing towards  the beautiful lady and she screamed "no oooo, I am not anybody's wife". We all laughed and enjoyed the joke and continued with our business of buying items for the food we want to cook.

I picked some very nice spice broth with plenty flavours and the lady asked me if I was going to cook with all this items I was buying. I answered her and told her that I live alone and I had no choice but to cook my own food.

She was very surprised that a guy can cook, she said she has never seen a guy that cooks and she will love to taste my food. I smiled and said if she do not mind we can cook together if she can follow me to my place.

She mentioned that she do not know how to cook so she was ready to learn. We exchanged numbers and Bam!!! That was it! You do not need to ask me what happened after then...lol.

Well, you see why it is good to cook your own food and shop specially for your own seasonings and spice broth because you never know the package you can get while you are at it.

I hope you all enjoyed this piece..stay tuned to Street Ajebo Blog for plenty gists and stories.


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